The Penobscot 3D

A small but critically important 3D

Penobscot is a small (87 km2) public domain 3D in the Sable sub-basin, offshore Nova Scotia, Canada. The area is gas prone mostly from Cretaceous and Jurassic clastic reservoirs.

More details on the project are located at Project Penobscot on the dGB TerraNubis website.

It is a small but interesting 3D because beyond its deep section hydrocarbon potential, the upper section is severely contaminated with noise.

The noise was initially thought to be acquisition footprint. However, visualizing the upper section with Wavefield technology proves it to be migration artifacts spawned from acquisition footprints.

Data provided are the migrated final stack and a dip steered median filtered version provided by OpendTect.

Example Images

The Penobscot 3D seismic is in the public domain and is available under the Creative_Commons (CC BY-SA) License.