Offshore Netherlands F3 Block

Final processed seismic plus OpendTect derived versions

F3 is a block in the Dutch section of the North Sea. For a description of the geology and the exploration potential see Netherlands-Offshore-F3-Block on the dGB TerraNubis website.

We use the F3 Block 3D as a Stratiscape example and we are continuing to develop our interpretation. Check back to see if we have added more. We will update here.

The final migration in F3 is seriously contaminated by noise resulting in most work being done on a post-migration filtered datasets. Our project includes the OpendTect created dip-steered median filtered version.

This is an example of where poor visualization during processing led to a final product that should not have been released. The contaminating noise is dramatic on Wavefield displays and if initially observed would have been dealt with before release.

Example Images

The F3 Block seismic data is in the public domain and is available under the Creative_Commons (CC BY-SA) License.