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Seismic Safaris: Exploring Seismic in its Natural Habitat

Updated: Apr 19

The problem in exploration today is our well established mindset that amplitude is color and structure and details are gray. It is those mindsets that are the proverbial elephants in the exploration boardroom and it is time we moved beyond them.

Seismic Safaris is my new YouTube Channel and it is all about challenging those mindsets. Each episode will be an examination of seismic in virtual reality, their purpose being simply to familiarize you with what seismic looks like in its natural habitat.

There is no theory, just observations. So watch the introductory video to learn more. Then subscribe to the channel because seismic, when you finally see it in its natural habitat, is truly amazing.



To subscribe to Seismic Safaris hover your mouse over the Logo in the top left and then hit the subscribe button.

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