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Our Visualization Research is now on Discord!

Updated: Apr 25


I have researched Seismic Visualization for over 20 years. The goal of my research has always been to prove to you personally, and the exploration industry at large, that modern seismic is much better than anyone believes possible.

In theory, proving that should be a no-brainer. Visualization theory says that it almost must be. And the numerous examples that I have prove conclusively that it overwhelmingly is. In practice, however, making the point has proven to be very difficult. That is why I have decided to make all my past and ongoing research public and why I am preparing to go live on Discord with everything I do.


"The seismic you have is better than you think"

There is, in my experience, one main reason why a point that should be so welcomed is straining to get traction. It is straining to get traction because no one, besides myself, is thinking visualization.

If you think about it, why should they? We have used the same visualization techniques for so long that they have become both venerable and traditional. Variable density, grayscale and wiggle traces displays have been the norm for two generations. They are generally accepted even though it has been obvious for decades that they are destroying the data they are meant to represent.

We accept, without challenge, that if we are interested in amplitudes we use a variable density display. We accept, without challenge, that if we are looking at structure and fine scale details we use a grayscale display. And if we are interested in stratigraphy and character, we accept again without challenge, that we should use a wiggle trace display. We know that in making our choice we are filtering away massive amounts of information. But what choice have we ever had?

Since we have never seen beyond those displays we have no idea what lies beyond them and have, therefore, little motivation to go looking.

I have great respect for this industry and the progressive nature of the geoscientists within it. I have believed for years that if you were to magically know all that I know about the true nature of seismic and its capabilities, that you would never go back to those venerable old displays. But I also understand that unless you do know what I know, you have little motivation to listen to me when I state what is to me, so very obvious.

It's a problem and I am not the only one who has faced it.


Why I am switching to Discord

History is full of examples of scientists and inventors who have run into similar problems and more often than not, the problem has proven to be insurmountable. Making a point that is not outside a familiar box but inside a completely different box has been historically challenging and there is no tried and true method that guarantees success.

The problem has frustrated the best of them. But then they did not have Discord and I do.

Watch the video!

It will explain what I am about to do and more importantly, why you should join The Virtual Seismic Reality Community on Discord.

To the best of my knowledge, no one has ever gone live with their research in the way that I am planning. It's a new approach to an old problem. It is exciting and you should follow along with me because seismic, when you finally see it, is truly amazing.

Joining me on Discord is the only way you will discover that for yourself.

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