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MNSH Line 30 now in Virtual Seismic Reality

As part of our partnership with Aeon Geoscience Systems and their cloud based Public Data Repository , we are very pleased to announce that our first Visualization Report is now available.

A few months ago, we began work importing the UK OGA's Mid North Sea High (WG152D0002 acquisition) seismic and interpretations into our flagship Stratiscape software. That work was completed last month and since then, short (and free) pdf reports have been available on the PDR for each line in the project.

These free pdf's (see the example below) show brief VSR scenes from each specific line, giving the reader an opportunity to briefly scan the seismic (in limited detail). They are very useful for anyone interested in the Mid North Sea High.

WG152D0002_30B V3
Download PDF • 9.17MB

Following the completion of these short pdf's we have begun an extensive project to produce detailed visualization reports for each line in the project. These reports contain detailed views, in both polarities, with and without interpretations, of multiple scenes within the lines.

As an accompaniment to these detailed reports, we are also making available a Stratiscape project for each line we complete. These projects, which are purchased separately from the visualization reports, let the user really delve into the line. The reports, mainly focused on the Zechstein, are essential reading (or viewing) for anyone interested in the MNSH. But if you want to really examine the data, then the project is the way to go because it lets you work with the seismic in true VSR.

Today, we are releasing both our VSR report and Stratiscape project for Line 30. Line 30 is a fascinating line and we have created detailed visualizations for eight reas within the line. You can see the overview scenes for each area below.

The report contains multiple different views of each area, enough to give you a true perspective of what is going on within the Zechstein and the Carboniferous beneath it.

You can find the Visualization Report on Aeon's Public Data Repository.

Line 30's Stratiscape project is available here.

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